Healthy Hair & Scalp Treatments

Between straightening, colouring, curling and drying, we often put our hair through the ringer in the name of beauty. Often, the consequences of this aren’t realized until signs of stress and damage start sneaking up.

If you’ve noticed your locks are lacking moisture, splitting and breaking or generally looking dull and tired, we highly recommend one of our treatments for damage control.

As one of the Sunshine Coast’s leading healthy hair and scalp specialists, we can help you get your good hair days back.

All treatments include our Signature Scalp Massage & Hot Towel Treatment.

K18 Hair Treatment

K18 is the newest hair reparation technology clinically proven to repair hair that has been damaged through bleaching, colouring, perming, straightening and harsh weather elements.

Read more about the K18 hair treatment here.

In Salon Stand-alone K18 Treatment


Includes a shampoo, blowave and take home programme

In Salon K18 Treatment Maintenance


Take Home K18 Treatment


Contains around 8-12 treatments


Olaplex is a “bonding product” that helps to repair and maintain hair that has been damaged from chemical processing and heat styling tools.

It’s been referred to as the “revolutionary product for damaged hair”, as it’s now the leading product to rebuild the strength of the hair from within.

Read more about Olaplex treatments here.

Olaplex Step 1 & Step 2

From $55

Step 1 is a concentrated in salon service added to your colour. It rebuilds broken bonds in the hair and protects the hair especially during a lightening service. Step 2: is performed at the wash lounge and continues to rebuild and restore ensuring the strongest, shiniest and healthiest hair possible. (Steps 3, 4 and 5 available for seperate purchase)

Kerastase Oleo Ritual

Kerastase Oleo Ritual Fusio-Dose treatments fundamentally treat and transforms your hair for immediate and visible long lasting results.

Capable of resolving all your hair concerns, the concentrated active ingredients in Fusio-Dose treatments fuse to create a completely customised in-salon treatment for your specific hair needs.

Depending on your hair’s primary and secondary needs, a booster and a concentré are prescribed for you following a diagnosis with your stylist to create a bespoke blend.

Kerastase Oleo Ritual


An exclusive personalised concentrate and booster.

Other Conditioning Treatments

Revive Hair Mask


This personalised hair mask will instantly transform dull, dry or damaged hair.


AGI ONE has unique technology which works to condition and smooth the hair by releasing nanoparticles directly onto and into the hair shaft.

This dual action technology enables the hair shaft to begin repairing itself from the inside, while introducing a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft.

Read more about AGI ONE treatments here.

Agi One Smoothing Blow Dry Treatment

From $365

Includes a full size maintenance shampoo & conditioner to take home – value $88!

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

muk Keratin Smoothing Treatment Forte is an innovative, 100% formaldehyde free keratin smoothing treatment.

The advanced formula works to provide maximum curl and volume reduction without permanently changing the structure of the hair.

It’s formulated with exclusive micro keratin technology to help restore hair health as well as adding shine and manageability.

muk Keratin Smoothing Treatment

From $365

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