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Here at Ms Monaco, we believe that blondes aren’t the only ones that can have fun! Whether you’re wanting to go from blonde to brunette, red to brunette, or you’re simply wanting to brighten up your existing colour, our stylists are passionate about finding the perfect shade of brunette for you!

All Over Gloss & Colour

You love a colour that looks shiny and healthy. Cover greys or just add tone.

From a cool chocolate to a rich mahogany or vibrant Copper, book our All Over Colour Gloss for this look.

From $197

Dimensional Brunettes

You love the low maintenance of your natural colour but you would also love a hint of Blonde…

We can create a completely customised look by adding a few strategically placed foils.

From $239

Balayage Brunette

One of the hottest trends on the cost right now is a grown out blonde with a natural root area.

Use our Ala Carte Menu to book our Balayage Service and add a colour melt toner to complete the look.

From $319

FAQ about Brunette Colour Services

Our hair stylists are complete colour experts! Depending on your hair goal, your stylist will work with you to choose the best technique to ensure exceptional results.

Choosing the correct brunette, copper or red shade is essential to bring out the best of your features. Your colour specialist has been trained to recognise which tones will work with your skin tone and eye colour ensuring a seamless and beautiful brunette colour.

What is involved with going from blonde to brunette?

It’s not just a case of applying your target shade on top of your blonde hair. Your colour specialist will likely need to ‘pre-fill’ your hair which means we put the underlying colour pigment back in your hair.

This allows us to apply the target shade on top which creates a rich and long lasting colour. Pre filling is an additional $80 on top of your All Over Colour Gloss service.

How do I prevent colour fade?

It’s important to learn to care for your newly coloured hair. Your stylist will recommend a selection of products carefully prescribed for your hair requirements. Proper haircare is vital to keeping your brunette, red and copper hair well hydrated.

Avoiding hot water is also a brilliant colour saver; the cool shot of water will not only leave you feeling refreshed but will lock in your colour too.

How do I keep my coloured hair shiny?

There is nothing better than shiny, healthy hair no matter what your shade. We recommend weekly treatments and regular trims.

One of the most important haircare tips to keep your hair shiny looking is to use heat protector. A leave in cream on wet hair to protect from blow dry heat and then a spray before curling and straightening.

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