Winter Hair Care – Tips for Treating Your Dry Hair

Winter Hair Care – Tips for Treating Your Dry Hair

In an ideal world, our hair and scalp would feel and look great all year around – unfortunately, this is not the case. During the Winter months in Australia, the cold weather can take a huge toll on the condition of our hair.

Exposure to the harsh elements of Winter – combined with the constant transition from outdoors to heated indoors – can majorly dry out our hair, leaving it brittle and more susceptible to damage. Not only does Winter zap your hair of moisture, it can also cause dandruff and scalp dryness.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to protect your hair during these colder months. Read on for our top tips on winter hair care.


Moisturise your hair and scalp

During Winter, indoor heating can easily dry out your hair, and sometimes even contribute towards a flaky, dry scalp. Keeping both your hair and scalp moisturised during these colder months is key to helping combat dryness.

Both leave-in conditioners and hair serums/oils are ideal for keeping your locks happy and healthy. We highly recommend the Kérastase 8hr Night Serum – it really is the best! The serum works to hydrate your hair overnight, with no build up and no need to wash out – it really is a game changer.

We have also seen great results with the Kérastase Elixir Oil and Kérastase Chronologiste Serum. If you’re not sure which oil will work best for your hair type, one of our fabulous hair stylists will be more than happy to help!

Turn the temperature down when washing hair

While there’s nothing better than hopping into a steaming hot shower when the temperature is freezing outside, the hot water can be damaging to your locks! Hot water also contributes to zapping the hair of moisture, making it dryer, more brittle and more susceptible to breakage.

Ideally it’s best to wash your hair with luke-warm water, and follow with a cool rinse.

Incorporate regular treatments into your hair care routine

Hair treatments are at the top of the list when it comes to achieving gorgeous healthy locks – and they’re especially important during the Winter months! Weekly hair treatments not only help to reverse the effects of dryness, but they are key to ensuring your hair is well protected and at optimum health all year long.

We have a number of incredible in-salon hair treatment services that we know provide amazing results for all hair types. The K18, Olaplex and Kerastase Oleo Ritual treatments are all great options for getting much needed moisture back into your hair.

If you’re wanting to freshen up your colour with your hair treatment, our Buff & Polish VIP package is the perfect option for you! It includes a toner gloss, hydrating treatment and personalised blow-dry and style finish.

Ensure your hair is dry before walking out the door

Even if you’re in a rush, it’s so important to dry your hair completely before leaving the house. Wet hair is much more vulnerable to damage than dry hair – cold hair expands the hair shaft, resulting in the hair being more prone to breakage, and also causing colour fade.

Allocate more time during the cold months to dry your hair – whether that be naturally or with a blow-dryer. If you struggle with finding extra time in the mornings to do this, try modifying your hair care routine so that you’re washing and drying your hair at night time.

Avoid overusing heated styling tools

We all know that heated styling tools are one of the major culprits for damaged and dry hair – and in Winter, heat styling only amplifies this problem. During these colder months, it’s best to decrease your usage of straighteners, curling wands and hair-dryers – especially if you normally use them daily!

Try embracing your natural hair texture by air-drying whenever possible. If you’re worried about frizz, opt for a quality leave-in conditioner combined with a serum or oil. You can also experiment with heatless curls and waves – there are some great videos on YouTube exploring this option!

Sleep on silk

Although silk’s main claim to fame is to prevent wrinkles while you sleep, this lovely soft material can also do wonders for your hair. With a normal cotton pillowcase, friction is easily created, which can cause damage to the hair follicle and also lead to shedding – this, in turn, leads to less shine and more frizz.

The smoothness of silk material helps to keep your locks smooth, and maintains the integrity of the hair shaft. It stimulates hydrating and helps prevent knotting too.

If you wear hats a lot during Winter, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf first, as it will protect your hair from static and frizz, and also reduce bad hat hair.

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