Introducing the Revolutionary K18 Hair Treatment

Introducing the Revolutionary K18 Hair Treatment

Are you dealing with dry, damaged or unruly hair? Hair repair is as crucial element in achieving healthy hair, and our clients often ask us which products and treatments can deliver the best results. While we are huge advocates for Keratin and Olaplex treatments, we believe K18 – formerly known as ‘Khairpep’ – is the new contender in hair repair.

Let’s take a deeper look into this revolutionary new hair treatment and see exactly what it can do for your locks.

What does the K18 hair treatment do?

K18 is the newest hair reparation technology. Clinically proven to repair hair that has been damaged through bleaching, colouring, perming, straightening and harsh weather elements. It works to:

  • Strengthen hair up to 85%
  • More than double the elasticity of hair
  • Protect hair during colouring and bleaching


You’ll see and feel instant results after just one use, giving you more healthier, softer and more manageable hair.

Best of all, it won’t wash out, even after repeated shampooing (unlike traditional treatments or ‘plex’-type products).

How does the treatment work?

The technology is anchored by K18Peptide™ – a revolutionary peptide that works to penetrate the hair cortex and repair the hair’s disulfide bonds permanently.

K18Peptide™ is an oligo peptide formulated to move amino acids into the inner hair structure. Once inside the hair, this unique amino acid then chains bonds with the hair protein, repairing broken bonds and reattaching the hair fibre. Adding elasticity and strength as well as restoring the hair’s overall health.

When should K18 be used?

K18 in salon treatments can either be used before, during or after a colour service, or as a pre-treatment on a haircut service.

There is also a take-home programme available, to help you maintain your hair health in-between salon services.

What is the cost of a K18 treatment?

A stand-alone K18 treatment – which includes a shampoo, blowave and take home programme – is $135.

You can also add this treatment to your colour service for $85, which includes the take home programme.

For those wanting to maintain optimum hair health in between salon visits, you can purchase the take home programme itself. This contains around 8-12 treatments – for $65.

If you have any further questions about this fabulous treatment, our fantastic stylists are more than happy to help!

Give our team a call on 07 5363 0259 or feel free to pop into the salon at 4/8 Fairfax Street, Sippy Downs.

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