Essential Hair Care Tips for Summer

Essential Hair Care Tips for Summer

Between Australia’s sun, sand and sea, it’s safe to say that our hair experiences some tough conditions in the summertime. It’s the one season of the year where we need to give our hair extra attention; to not only keep the frizz to a minimum, but to maintain optimum hair health as well.

With summer soon upon us, we’ve put together the most essential hair care tips for you to follow during these hot and humid temperatures.

Invest in a protection product

The majority of us make sure that before we step outside in the hot summer months, we protect our skin with sunblock – but what about our hair? The sun’s harsh UV rays can literally fry both your scalp and hair, with both your roots and ends becoming dry and brittle.

To prevent this happening, we recommend investing in a protectant leave-in product that protects your hair against the sun while helping to maintain hair moisture and vitality.

If you do step outside without using a protectant, be sure to cover up your hair with a hat or scarf!

Cut back on hair washing

Frequently washing your hair will strip it of its natural oils, which often ends up stimulating additional oil production (making you feel like you need to wash it even more). Instead of washing your hair after a day at the pool or beach, try rinsing it instead (and see if this helps to get rid of extra oil).

If you’re using supermarket products to wash and condition your hair, it’s time to chuck them in the bin! Cheap hair products tend to be full of ingredients that strip and dry the hair. While salon grade products do cost more, you’ll likely find that don’t need to use as much product; so it lasts a lot longer.

Put down the heated styling tools

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your natural hair – you can finally let go of that perfectly sleek hair-do that you’ve been trying to maintain all winter!

This is a great opportunity to stop relying on your hair dryer, curling wand and straightener. As your hair will already be battling hot temperatures and humidity, you can give it a much needed break from your heated styling tools.

Have a go at trialing new loose, comfortable hair-styles during the summer season. Messy buns and big braids are easy ‘go-to’ hairstyles for many occasions, and can also help you achieve gorgeous ‘beach wave’ hair.

Hydration is key

It’s not just your body that needs hydrating during the hot summer season – your hair needs it too! With the additional heat and humidity, your hair will need more hydrating than ever before.

You can up the hydration by adding a deep conditioning treatment to your weekly hair routine, and keep it on for as long as possible (overnight is best). You can even add a conditioning treatment or mask to your hair before you head off to the pool or beach – this works especially well for blondes who find their hair turns green after being in chlorine.

Smooth frizz with a leave-in cream

Battling humidity frizz? Don’t be tempted to pick up the straightening irons – use a product to reduce the frizz instead.

Our favourite frizz-fighter is the Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother. It works as a concentrated, leave-in, reparative styling cream which has been proven to eliminate frizz, protect and hydrate hair. It defines and smooths natural curls and eliminates frizz and flyaways for up to 72 hours!

Avoid wet-brushing

When your hair is wet, that’s when it’s most susceptible to breaking – so be sure to avoid brushing it during this time. If you do need to detangle your hair while it’s wet, try using a wide-tooth comb instead.

If you’re struggling to find the right products to protect your hair this summer, we are more than happy to help. Pop on into the salon where we can discuss your hair needs and select the best products for you.

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