Your Guide to AGI ONE Treatments

Your Guide to AGI ONE Treatments

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, it’s a given that you’ve had your fair share of battles with hair frizz. No matter how many products are in your hair or which heated styling tools you’ve used, it can be hard to fight the frizz when it’s humid outside.

Here at Ms Monaco Hair Society, we’ve had more and more clients visit our hair salon requesting hair smoothing treatments. While many are requesting a “Keratin hair smoothing treatment”, we believe we have the next best solution available: AGI ONE.

We consider AGI ONE to be the best thing to happen to hair since introducing our Olaplex treatment services.

Let’s look deeper into this hair smoothing service, and how it can improve both the appearance and health of your hair…

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How does AGI ONE work?

AGI ONE has unique technology which works to condition and smooth the hair by releasing nanoparticles directly onto and into the hair shaft. This dual action technology enables the hair shaft to begin repairing itself from the inside, while introducing a protective layer on the outside of the hair shaft.

Unlike regular keratin treatments, AGI ONE doesn’t use a keratin base to create results; instead, it is based on amino acids and silk proteins to improve the hair and its health.

How long do the results last for?

You can expect the results of this smoothing service to last between three to five months, depending on how you wash and care for your hair. This is much longer than the results of keratin treatments, that tend to only last up to three months.

What hair types is AGI ONE good for?

AGI ONE treatments are not just for smoothing straight hair – it’s the perfect treatment for any type of hair that is prone to frizziness. It’s formulated to work effectively on colour treated, wavy, curly, lightened, thick and rebellious hair.

To cater for a broad range of hair types, there are three solution types of AGI ONE; normal, resistant and violet (for blonde hair).

Do the results grow out?

With AGI ONE smoothing treatments, the results will slowly fade over three to five months. You won’t have to deal with any unsightly “frizzy regrowth” like you would with a chemical straightening service.

How long does the treatment take to do?

Unlike traditional Keratin smoothing treatments which can take several hours to complete, AGI ONE gives you silky smooth hair in under 2 hours.

The AGI ONE treatment involves washing and conditioning the hair with the AGI ONE products, following by straightening. You’ll have beautiful frizz free hair in no time!

How much is the treatment?

At Ms Monaco Hair Society, we offer the AGI ONE smoothing treatment for $365 for medium hair, and $395 for long hair. This includes a full size maintenance shampoo and conditioner for you to take home (value of $88).

If you have any further questions about AGI ONE, or you’d like to book in with one of our stylists, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to make a booking or give us a call on 07 5363 0259.

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