Top 5 Recommended Salon Products for Blonde Hair

Top 5 Recommended Salon Products for Blonde Hair

Our Top 5 Blonde Salon Products

As blonde specialists on the Sunshine Coast, it’s safe to say that we’ve done our fair share of working with blonde locks! For those that need a little assistance in choosing the right products, here are our recommendations on the top 5 Blonde Salon Products we live by.

While the saying may go that “blonde have more fun”, it’s also a well known fact that blondes definitely need more maintenance when it comes to their haircare routine. Whether it’s a pretty platinum, or gorgeous buttery tones, us blondies know that it takes the right products to maintain that perfect shade of blonde – especially in between colour appointments.


Kérastase Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo

Top 5 Blonde Salon Products Blond Absolu Bain Ultra-Violet

For lightened and highlighted hair, the Bain Ultra-Violet Purple Shampoo works to neutralise brassiness and unwanted yellow tones.

This intense brass reducing formula gives instant blonde illumination, and helps to maintain a nourished, shiny and soft cool blonde.

Before and after Kerastase Blond Absolu

Kérastase Cicaflash

With the restorative performance of a masque treatment, and the lightweight finish of a conditioner, the Cicaflash is the perfect “super shot” for lightened hair.

It works to instantly reconstruct and repair the fibre, resulting in less breakage and deeply moisturised strands.

Kérastase Cicaplasme

Top 5 Blonde Salon Products Blond Absolu Cicaplasme

After cleansing and treating your hair, the Cicaplasme works as the perfect styling product for blondes.

This lavender coloured fortifying leave-in treatment works to provide colour stability. It deeply nourishes hair strands. Cicaplasme will also provide heat protection for temperatures of up to 230°.

It’s Kérastase’s most complete and intense healing leave-in for stronger and more manageable hair.

Kérastase Masque Ultra-Violet

Top 5 Blonde Salon Products Blond Absolu

For those who’s locks require a little more TLC after a recent lightening session, the Ultra-Violet Masque is a must-have in your hair care routine.

As well as neutralising brassiness and unwanted yellow tones, this rich deep purple mask deeply nourishes and restores sensitised, lightened hair.

The power of neutralisation combined with the ultimate caring mask results in radiant shine and improved softness.

Kérastase 8 Hour Magic Night Serum

Kerastase Nutritive SerumThis is a favourite of ours for blonde hair! This leave in serum really is magic; giving a nourishing boost to dry and lightened locks overnight.

So if applied before bed-time, this serum works to reverse daytime hair loss by absorbing all the serum’s nutrients.  8 Hour Magic Night Serum includes iris root extract and a blend of 5 vitamins.

With a milky gel-like texture, this serum is quickly absorbed into the hair. Leaving your hair looking and feeling visibly softer. Making it easier to style and with a lightweight satin finish by morning.

Even though we are not a ‘Kérastase exclusive’ salon, we are huge advocates for their Blond Absolu hair care range. Because we have seen the amazing results it produces time and time again.

All these products are available at our salon, so pop on in to purchase, or even test out, any of these incredible products.

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