The Benefits of Crown Club Memberships

The Benefits of Crown Club Memberships

How do Ms Monaco memberships work?

I am so excited to tell you all about it and why they are so popular!

Imagine this…

You turn up to your hair appointment, and you don’t have to pay a cent. You can just get up and walk straight out the door – unless of course you want to add on any extras to your service or take home some products.

Other guests in the salon will think you’re either Royalty or so bold and ludacris for just getting up and walking out! Oh! The Audacity! Who does she think she is?…. but we encourage it! Because it starts a conversation and more of our guests can have an amazing, and easy experience just like you!

How do Crown Club memberships work?

You see, the way memberships work is by making small regular payments that ultimately pre-pay your services, so you don’t have a big chunk of money coming out of your account on the day!

You can choose if weekly, fortnightly or monthly payment options work best for you. As the payments are so small you don’t even notice them coming out, but all the while, your account is building up so you can treat yourself every 6 weeks.

It’s much kinder on the hip pocket, and it means you don’t have to arrange your appointments around other financial commitments, you can look and feel your best 24/7!

What else does a membership mean for you?

  • The ultimate VIP treatment!
  • Bonuses and discounts for your loyalty
  • Priority appointments (Hello Christmas!)
  • Never run out of products
  • Super healthy hair that’s always looking its best!

We have a few different membership options available, starting with unlimited blow dries, all the way to us posting out your products regularly so you never run out and have to succumb to supermarket products! This is an amazing and popular option for our clients who have moved away but still love the products we sell.

Who can get a membership?

Any client of Ms Monaco is welcome to sign up to one of our seven amazing membership packages.

So whether you are a full blown blonde with high maintenance regrowth, or a sleek and sophisticated brunette with a few scattered foils, we have membership options available for you.

You can read all about the Crown Club memberships here, and stay tuned for some other blogs that deep dive into our most popular offers!

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