How To Get Healthy Hair That Radiates Shine

How To Get Healthy Hair That Radiates Shine

Looking after your hair does not need to be a lifelong chore. If you dream of healthy hair that radiates shine and beauty, then these tips from the Sunshine Coast’s Healthy Hair Specialists will put you on the right path and have you seeing results within weeks.

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1: Give Your Hair Some Downtime on the Weekend


Blow drying, styling and pulling your hair back all cause stress on the hair follicles  and can weaken the hair over time. The weekend is the perfect opportunity to let hair have a rest and go product and style free. If your hair is simply too unruly run some lightweight hair oil through your mids and ends and clip away from the face or create a loose braid – try to keep your hair in its natural fall


2: Your Body Priorities Organs Over Hair


Your body will prioritise essential organs over the hair follicles so eating a healthy and balanced diet will ensure your hair is getting the nutrients it needs. Protein and essential fatty acids are necessary to nourish and promote hair health.


3: Drink Plenty Of Water


Sounds simple but the hair needs moisture to grow with the elasticity it needs to prevent breakage. While you can always top up by moisturising externally just like the skin it’s better to get the balance right from the inside out.


4: Protect Your Hair From Heat


Living without heat and styling tools is almost impossible so protect the hair with a thermal protector everytime you blow dry and use styling tools.


5: Get A Regular Trim


Dry undernourished hair will split and experience breakage. If you feel your hair is not growing check when you last had a trim. It’s not a marketing strategy hairdressers use by  recommending 6-8 weeks for trims – it helps to remove split ends that cannot be reaired and helps keep the ends healthy to prevent ongoing breakage. If you have serious split ends and don’t want to lose too much length speak to your stylist about it. Together you can work out a plan to get the hair in better condition over time. I recommend starting 12 months before a wedding or formal.


6: Weekly Hair Ritual


Give your hair a weekly treatment. Your weekly treatment should be deep conditioning and prescribed for your hair.


7: Sleep On Silk


We all deserve a touch of luxury but silk really is good for the hair. Ever woken up with hair that looks like a birds nest? That’s because your ordinary pillowcase causes friction between it and your hair while you sleep. Silk or satin allow your hair to glide over the surface preventing tangles and breakage.


8: Protect From The Elements


If you live in a sunny climate or coming in to summer months its important to protect your hair from the sun. Uv rays cause dehydration and colour fade. Wearing a hat or protecting with a leave in lotion with sunscreen in will help keep your hair protected.


9: Turn Down The Heat – Water


We all love a long hot shower but overly hot water is damaging to the hair. By opening the hairs cuticle it causes extreme colour fade and can leave the hairs cuticle open to the elements – especially if you leave it to air dry after. Try to turn the heat down a notch or take a 60 second cold shot at the end. That will wake you up for the day!


10: Avoid Touching Your Hair


Playing with the hair causes friction and damage but also causes over stimulation of the sebaceous glands (oil producing glands) in the scalp. This causes greasy hair meaning you need to wash more often. Washing removes the hair’s natural oils and can cause long term dehydration. Try to keep hair washing to a minimum.


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