Getting Salon Styling Results at Home

Getting Salon Styling Results at Home

One of our biggest challenges as women, is getting salon styling results at home.

How many times have you come home from the salon, absolutely loving your hair, only to wash it and realise that it looks nowhere near as nice when you try and do it yourself?

It can be really frustrating, especially when you are in a really social month or season and you just feel like your hair is letting your outfit down. It doesn’t feel as sleek, smooth, glossy.

There are a few things you need, and a bit of practice.

Salon Styling Hair Dryer

You’ll need the following tools for salon styling results at home

  • A decent hair dryer with a concentrator attachment.
    (This is the attachment that clips onto your dryer and flattens out at the other end)
  • A round brush that is the right size for your hair, longer hair a 52mm round brush will work beautifully, if you have a fringe or shorter hair a smaller barrel will work better.
    Having both in your collection can be beneficial depending on how you like your hair styled.
  • A heat protectant cream or spray to use on your hair before applying heat. This will act as a barrier and moisturiser for your hair to minimise the damage that excessive heat can cause.
  • Depending on your style, a nice smoothing serum or shine spray to keep your hair looking sleek and healthy all day long.

Invest in quality products

It’s of course recommended that you’re using salon quality products on your hair to ensure that your hair is in its optimum health, this will ensure you get better, longer lasting results – after all, you’ve spent a lot of money at the salon, you don’t want to reverse your hard work with cheap products that strip and dry your hair.

Your stylist would have recommended a range of quality products to maintain your colour and hair health at home – these products will guarantee your in salon service. Using high quality products in your hair will also help to minimise frizz that so many of us struggle with! Oh, and salon products always last longer because you use less product!

Blow-drying tips

  1. Get some hair clips from just about anywhere and section your hair in small sections.
  2. Use your round brush to pull the hair out straight and dry in a down and out direction, this will help to ensure the hairs sit more flat (resulting in less friss/boof), but using the round brush will also give your hair body at the root.
  3. Go over each section until dry and use the round brush to add some dimension at your ends by drying the hair around the brush. Careful not to try twisting and curling the brush like your stylist does until you’re feeling more confident with a sleek and smooth blow dry – nothing scarier than getting your hair tangled in a round brush!

Once you have mastered your smooth blow dry, you can pretty much say goodbye to your straightening iron because you will love your blow dry so much! You will also get faster with more practice.

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