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Welcome to our brand new beauty space – Monaco Brow Society!


Self love is the honest key to happiness…Give your self the love and visit our artist at Monaco Brows to achieve your absolute dream brows and increase that confidents!

With the love and care you will not want to go anywhere else! We pride our selves on our luxurious service and would love for you to experience the one of a kind treatment.


Offering you luxurious high-end, one of a kind treatments. With VIP add ons our highly trained beauticians can not wait to help transform you like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

Book in today & we really look forward for you to become apart of the Monoco brow family!

Brow Services

New Monaco


New Monaco – For new clients that have not visited Monaco brows. This appointment will involve a thorough consultation, sitting with our artist 1:1 to design your dream brows! sit back and relax while we map your brows using a unique technique & colour match to perfection – choose from stains or tints,. A gentle reshape using wax and tweezers to complete the process. Reveal your new brows and receive an after care card from your artist on how to best maintain your brows till your next visit!


45 minutes


Tint $65 | Stain $70 | VIP +20.00

Brow Salon Sippy Downs Monaco Brows

Monaco’s New ‘It Girl’


Monaco’s new It girl – one of the most viral and highly requested treatments in the beauty industry to date. Brow Lamination is the perfect adjustment to the brow to enhance your beauty. Giving you an awakened, structured and fuller looking brow. Brow lamination will change your opinion on how important brows really are.

This is for new Monaco clients your appointment will begin with a 1:1 consultation with your artist to design your dream brows and discuss the new process. using professional tools and products our artist will complete your service adding a gentle wax ands tweezer and customised tint or stain if requested. Your artist will then reveal your new brows, and an after care card will be supplied which is recommended to follow to get the best out of your lamination. Laminations can last up to 6-10 weeks.


1 hour


$145  | VIP +20.00

I am Monaco


I am Monaco – If you are a Monaco brow women and have visited our artisit before to design your dream brow, this ones for you! After waiting 4-6 weeks between appointments book back in to catch up with your brow artist and get those brows into line! With a tint or stain, lamination & tidy up, you’ll be feeling that Monaco sparkle in no time…


1 hour


$135 | VIP +20.00

Maintain Me Monaco


Maintain Me Monaco – Don’t cheat on your brow artist! Book back in for a brow maintenance, re-visit your brow journey to assure we are working in the right direction to maintain those brows! We recommend every 2-4 weeks depending on hair growth your artist will discuss upon initial appointment


TInt $60 | Stain $65 | VIP +20.00

Princess Monaco


Princess Monaco – Princess treatment for those 16 years and under. Consult with our artist and a chosen parent to design your dream brows in our pink palace. Our artist will go into depth of the process before we begin our gentle reshape using wax and tweezers to perfect your brow shape and if requested a light tint using a customised colour to enhance your natural beauty. Reveal your new brows and receive an after care card from your artist on how to best maintain your brows till your next visit!

30 min

NO Tint $45 | Tint $50 | VIP +$20.00

VIP Treatment


A one of a kind service add on. For an additional $20.00 add to your service you’ll enjoy:

A glass of refreshment upon arrival to enjoy whilst our artist designs your dream brows, a soothing eye mask to hydrate and nourish your precious eye area, lip mask to hydrate the skin giving you a fuller and plumper look. Relax your Eyes and dream away to the land of Monaco whilst our artist gives you a gentle temple massage using an essential oil.

Monaco Brows Sunshine Coast - Sippy Downs

Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing

Lip | 10 Min | $ 10.00

Chin | 10 Min | $ 10.00

Sides of face | 15 Min | $15.00

Full face Wax (not including Brow service) | $30.00

Man O’ Mono

Man O’ Mono – A simple gentle wax and tweezer between the eyebrows to keep your self looking expensive and tidy. 10 minutes and it’ll all be over. For our Gentle-man


$45 | VIP +15.00

Lash Services

Lift Off Monaco

Lift Off Monaco – Enhance that natural beauty without the chemicals from lash glue. A lash lift makes all the difference, with a soft silicon rod placed over your eye lid, we will use professional tools and products to curl your lashes which last up to 10 weeks. Our artist will customise your lash colour to suit you perfectly. Reveal your new lashes and feel like you just stepped off the plane in Monaco. Your artist will supply an after care card which is important to follow to get the best results out of your new lash lift. (Please note: we can not service lash lifts until you have waited 6-10 weeks between your last appointment. your artist will discuss with you when is appropriate to book back in! )

1 hour

NO Tint $75 | Tint $85 | VIP +15.00

Give me Colour

Give me Colour – 1:1 thorough consultation with our artist, using a professional lash tint, our artist will customise your lash colour and apply your tint.

Revealing your enhanced natural lashes you will be supplied with an after care card to get the best longevity out of your lash tint.

10 Minutes

$20| VIP +20.00

Confirming Your Appointment

Our automated SMS system is set up to ensure your appointment is secure. Just reply with a “YES” or “NO”. A follow-up message will be sent three days before your scheduled time. If we don’t hear from you after multiple attempts within 48 hours, we’ll assume the appointment won’t work out.


Cancellation Policy

In the event of a no-show or cancellation within the 48 hour time frame, there may be a fee equivalent to the full cost of the appointment or $50, whichever is less. Future appointments may require full payment at the time of the next booking.


Booking deposit

To confirm your appointment and book your desired time, we will require a $25.00 deposit for services over $50.00 and a $15.00 deposit for any service under $50.00. This amount will be taken off your total at your appointment.


    1. Avoid hot areas for up to 24hrs
    2. Avoid swimming for 24hrs
    3. Avoid makeup so pores don’t get congested for up to 24hrs
    4. Don’t cheat on your brow artist!
    5. Reschedule your next appointment in 2-4 weeks
    6. Contact Monaco Brows if there are any concerns 
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